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Then the Lord God Made Woman

“Then the Lord God made a woman” (Gen. 2:22). She was so very different from man; not better, not worse, just different than him.

God said, “I’ve created man with a strong body and big hands to carry great loads, but he can’t do it alone. I need someone humble who will bring their burdens to my throne. I will create woman to carry out my plan. She may be the weaker vessel, but in many ways, she will be stronger than man. I will create her with a strong mind and a big heart; my wisdom, favor, and love I will impart.”

“She will be strong enough to keep going long after she thinks she is able. The days will be long, the nights sometimes longer, but I will keep her stable. I need someone wise enough to know when to stand up and when to sit down, when to step in and when to step away, when to speak and when to pray. I need someone who will trust me to show them the way. So, I made woman.”

“I need someone with strong arms to hold sleeping babies, the sick, and the lame. I need someone with strong shoulders to carry the tears of others’ pain. I need someone willing to share the burden of mothering a difficult child; someone, to hold another whose marriage has been defiled. So, I made woman.”

“I need someone with a heart big enough to love children who are not her own. I need someone capable of helping others when she has burdens of her own. I need someone able to remain calm when things are overblown. I need someone willing to surround themselves with others, yet often be alone. So, I made woman.”

“I need someone courageous enough to carry a child within their womb; someone to teach these children not to eat of this world, but that it is My Word they should consume. I need someone who can tame the wind and bridle the wild of a child. I need someone who can make a house a home. I need someone who can hold their own. So, I made woman.”

“I need someone capable to fill in the gap and storm the wall, yet sensitive enough to hear my call. I need someone who is persistent enough that when they fall, they don’t give up, they crawl. I need someone who knows the battle is won on bended knee. I need someone who will put their faith in Me. So, I made woman.”

“I need a skilled builder, one who can build others up when the world tears them down. One who breathes life to those who feel like a letdown. I need someone capable of breaking molds; someone faith-filled to whisper prayers and break strongholds. So, I made woman.”

“I needed someone willing to put themselves last; trusting one day I’d put them first. Someone to see serving others as a blessing, not as a curse. I need someone who can lead a man to faith by living out their own. I need someone with patience to water the seeds I have sewn. So, I made woman.”

“I need someone who can live without constant praise and sick days. Someone who is capable of meeting life’s demands and exceeding expectations. Someone willing to enter life’s storms without hesitation. I need someone willing to carry their strength on the inside, someone, willing to walk by man’s side. Not before him, not behind, but someone to walk stride in stride. So, I made woman.”

The list of what woman will be called to do is nearly endless. There will be times she will feel lonely and friendless. I, however, will never leave her side. Forever, she will be my bride. I will be with her as she carries on with the errands of the day. I will stay with her long after her hair is grey. She will not need to go and look for me, by her side I will always be.

She will not need to climb mountain tops or enter the wilderness to be in my presence. She will find me wherever she goes, she has complete access to my omnipresence. I will walk with her and talk with her; I will be her rest. I will accompany her in her kitchen as she feeds the souls of her guests. I will listen to her midnight prayers as she holds her child to her chest. Because of her, man shall be blessed.

Her strength is unmatched as I have given her my own. She is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone. Her wisdom and discernment are sure to mystify any man. I made woman to carry out my game plan. She can move mountains with the whisper of a prayer, with my favor there is nothing she cannot bear.

Like a pressure cooker, she can hold it all together and get things done. Woman is my grand slam, not a home run. She’s my royal flush, no need to fold. I made woman and she is worth her weight in gold. Like a teabag her strength won’t be known until she’s in hot water. The greatest gift I could give man, besides my Son, was a wife and a daughter. So I made woman.

-Author: Dori Gomes @embraceitalways on Instagram


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