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"Embrace it!" Two simple words with one powerful meaning, and isn't that why you're here? To embrace your purpose and gifts alongside someone who wholeheartedly believes in you? Well, you've certainly come to the right place. I'm Dori Gomes, and this space is where my passion for journalism and storytelling merge, coupled with a place to house and share my creative and professional offerings. I welcome the opportunity to provide you with genuine encouragement, the tools you need to achieve your business, creative, and writing goals, and concentrated guidance to help you each step of the way. 



Don’t give up, live up.

As an empath, my clients' needs, wants, and concerns become my own.

I take pride in using my passion and gifts for writing and speaking purposes, executing a range of editorial tasks for clients and audiences in various settings.

Don’t give in, lean in.

Regardless of what you've done, where you've been, or the mess you're in, I want to bathe you in words that help you to love yourself. Welcome to my blog.


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Writing is my passion, and my calling is to love, lift, and lead people with words.

Life is a unique journey, don't you think? Our pits and peaks may differ but at the end of the day, we relate to the quest. I'm here to normalize the trenches and encourage you to embrace your life and special journey. You were created with a purpose for a purpose, and navigating those waters isn't always easy, yet I want to make vulnerability sexy again! Me and you, we're in this together.


What our clients say

Dori was my Speech Communications teacher at Eastern Illinois University. Little did I know, her being my teacher was only the beginning of a lifelong connection. Over the many years I have known her, she has motivated me and inspired me beyond the classroom. She played a vital role in my life when it came to choosing my career path in college. She is my biggest cheerleader, and I am hers. There were many times I wanted to throw in the towel and she wasn’t having it. She would sit with me and see me through whatever it was. Whenever I'm in trouble, or overwhelmed I could find comfort in her office. She always has the perfect words to say. She is forever a part of my story! 

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Adriana Alexander

Former Student at Eastern Illinois University and Mentee

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